Lord of Chaos

Daniel Beauregard


Lord of Chaos deconstructs reality as we know it, breaking apart our traditional perceptions, casting them into the transient void. Its influences range far and wide, from bleak nihilistic black metal to Beckett, Cotard’s syndrome to Capgras delusion, Ovid’s exile to the Black Sea, Cartesian questioning, and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

Less a novel and more a testament to the absolute veracity of the world as it exists from within the eyes of the mislabeled pariahs—society’s untouchables; a hallucinogenic and terrifying journey through the world of those who see through the veiled mists of the mundane.


"This book can be read as a climate change novel for human readers. We have now reached the ultimate topography of what language can achieve." -- Kenji Siratori

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ISBN 978-1-7397708-8-4

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