"In a society where oppression is structural, constitutive of sociality itself, only what that society throws off - its mistakes or its pariahs - can serve the future." Leo Bersani – The Gay Outlaw

"Whoever pleads for the preservation of a radically culpable and shabby culture turns into its accomplice, while those who renounce culture altogether immediately promote the barbarism, which culture reveals itself to be." Theodor Adorno - Negative Dialectics

Erratum gathers books that confront the dead end of educated, literary culture, and deploys that culture against itself.



Erratum is open for submissions.

Erratum publishes book-length works of fiction, theory-fiction, and calculated acts of cultural barbarism. Please send manuscripts to contact [at] erratumpress [dot] com. Include the manuscript as an attachment and a brief overview of the project and introduction of yourself as its author within the body of the email. Please also explain why you feel your submission fits with aims of the press. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, just get in touch if your work is accepted elsewhere. If you don't hear back within a month please assume your work is not quite right for the press at the moment.


review copies

Erratum welcomes requests for review copies and appreciates the time and effort that reviewers commit to their work. In order to request review copies (either electronic or paperback) please email the press. Review copies can be sent to publishers directly or to individual reviewers.

For prospective reviewers please state where a review would be placed (ideally, if possible, with the agreement of the book review publisher).